Cybersecurity Foundations

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Cybersecurity Foundations

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Cybersecurity Foundations


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Set a rock-solid foundation for your network, users, and data by learning about the basics of cybersecurity. Join security expert Malcolm Shore as he describes how to assess and mitigate risks using various cybersecurity frameworks and control standards, such as NIST and COBIT.

Malcolm details pertinent cyber threats and how they operate, including how cyber criminals hide their attacks, how advanced persistent threats work, and even how to determine what's real and what's merely cyber fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). He also covers the way in which cyber risk is managed and the lifecycle of cybersecurity—from managing defense through to preparing for and responding to an incident. And since cybersecurity has taken on an increasingly visible global dimension, Malcolm concludes the course with a discussion of international cyber norms and protocols.

Was wirst du lernen?

  • Differentiate between the phases of the Cyber Kill Chain
  • Describe the several types of cyberattacks
  • Explain what the NIST Cybersecurity Framework is
  • Interpret basic practices of cyber risk
  • Determine which elements are used in developing a secure architecture
  • Articulate the best approach to respond to an incident
  • Describe the seven principles for global cybersecurity users

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The course is part of the learning path Career Essentials in Cybersecurity

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