Introduction to Data Literacy [EN]

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Introduction to Data Literacy [EN]

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Introduction to Data Literacy [EN]

Data Literacy

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Data surrounds us in every aspect of life, underscoring the significance of data literacy as a crucial life skill. This skill empowers individuals to pose pertinent questions about data and select appropriate tools for reading, interpreting, and conveying data. This course, designed for those without a technical background, provides the essential knowledge and skills to foster confidence in dealing with data, illustrating how data can yield actionable insights and instigate change.

Through practical exercises, participants will acquire the ability to transition from raw data to meaningful insights, comprehend the role of data in decision-making, master data collection and management, grasp the four types of analytics, and enhance data communication through storytelling and visualization.

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The course begins by establishing a foundation, elucidating the significance of data literacy and motivating individuals to pursue proficiency in this area. It guides learners on leveraging data for advantages ranging from insights to decision-making.

Subsequently, the course delves into the process of identifying data sources, examining common types, managing them effectively, and addressing challenges that may arise during data handling.

The latter part of the data literacy course concentrates on gaining insights through data analytics. Participants explore various analysis types, discern optimal times for their application, and learn how to present findings with impact using data visualizations and storytelling.

Upon completion, participants will possess a solid grasp of the indispensability of data literacy in the contemporary world and foundational knowledge for selecting appropriate data types.

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