Make Your Research Reproducible

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Make Your Research Reproducible

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Make Your Research Reproducible

Data Literacy

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"Do you know that feeling, when you work on your research project after not having looked at it for a while (for example after receiving reviews) and you can’t remember how the different parts fit together? And when you finally figure it out again, the results are somehow different. Oh no!

In this course we will set you up to never run into these kinds of issues again. Let’s get your research project organized, under version control, stable, and published so that you can confidently say that your research is reproducible."

Was wirst du lernen?

  • The goal of producing FAIR and reproducible research outputs
  • Working on research projects as a team
  • Get your project organized: organized folders, naming, documentation
  • Set up reproducible workflows: version control with git, stable computing environments, and automation
  • Make your project reproducible and FAIR for all: publication platforms, licensing, and more"

Welche Vorkenntnisse brauchst du?

For this course you need basic knowledge of programming languages such as Python or R.

Weitere Hinweise / Lizenz

Course overview may be found under: https://www.berd-nfdi.de/berd-academy/reproducibility-2023/

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