Programming for R Users

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Programming for R Users

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Programming for R Users


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This course is for experienced R users who want to apply their existing skills and extend them to the SAS environment. Emphasis is placed on programming and not statistical theory or interpretation. This course is for experienced R users who want to augment their programming skills with SAS.

Was wirst du lernen?

  • Read and write SAS programs
  • Import various forms of data
  • Subset and merge data tables
  • Do iterative processing and simulate new data
  • Create new variables and functions
  • Create and enhance plots of all types
  • Apply descriptive and inferential procedures including regression, logistic regression, analysis of variance, stepwise model selection, and mixed models
  • Conduct matrix algebra and statistical simulations in the interactive matrix language (IML)
  • Call R from SAS to use as a complementary resource

Welche Vorkenntnisse brauchst du?

Students in this course should have knowledge of plotting, manipulating data, iterative processing, creating functions, applying functions, linear models, generalized linear models, mixed models, stepwise model selection, matrix algebra, and statistical simulations.